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What Happens If a Flooring Plan Stays Open? | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
What Happens If a Flooring Plan Stays Open? | BOSS Construction Group

Audience Member: But eventually that flooring permit, what happens if it just stays open in open an open eventually it’s going to be…

Ben: Unfortunately that flooring permit stays open. It becomes a problem. It’s like a skeleton in the closet of the property. So again, maybe one day that owner wants to do a complete renovation. They’ll pull a new floor permit, get that flooring permit closed out, hopefully. They they’ll satisfy and close out that permit.

Audience Member: So what if the buyer doesn’t want to close with a open permit

Ben: I say to the agent, look, there’s almost a 70% chance and I know most the city of Sunny Isles inspectors. They’re going to give me a problem when closing out this permit. What are you guys want to do? Explain to the owner that you were going to open up a whole bag of worms for this guy. A lot of problems. So you might want to find another buyer.
You know, I I mean, you know, so I’ll make sure you know it look.

Agents, when I go in the field, agents tell their buyers and sellers anything. I’m not saying you guys in the room do this. It’ll be okay this and that. I tell it how it is and I don’t like surprises and I don’t like piecemeal.

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