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Interview with Bryan Landman from the Federal Savings Bank | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group
BOSS Construction Group
Interview with Bryan Landman from the Federal Savings Bank | BOSS Construction Group

Bryan Landman graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a minor in Entrepreneurship in 2008. Pursuing his career in finance, he entered the private banking industry in Miami, Florida where he specialized in ultra-high net worth accounts. This experience taught Bryan the expertise needed to provide the highest levels of customer service that comes with an exclusive clientele. After fine tuning his skills, he followed his passion for start-ups, and joined a promising team at a technology and financial services provider. Over the next few years, Bryan and his team developed the largest network of point-of-sales in Latin America to distribute airtime and top-up for mobile phones carriers. They eventually become one of the few companies worldwide to implement and rollout a mobile wallet platform.

Bryan: Once you put that extra effort in, the client really appreciates it, and then come back to you again, and again. That’s what it’s about

Ben: What we do with permit resolutions, it’s all about people, process, and persistence. So thats kind of the same way that I work with the city on getting the permits closed, you work with on getting that loan closed,

Bryan: right.

Ben: Two questions. What are some difficulties that you’ve had where you were able to resolve the situation and what are some new loan products that are out there for the home buyers and agents.

Bryan: So the first difficulty I think is communication. Right? Lenders are usually in the office, they don’t want to reach out and I think we are getting to that first. We are tackling problems up front on the first call that you’re going to have in the morning saying, “hey, we need this and now so that we can get it done” In that way, we’re ahead of the curve. We are combating the issue. Instead of being reactive, we are proactive. So I think that’s really helping that resolves that that that the result.

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