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Interview with Randy Gilbert from FTIC: Florida’s Title Insurance | BOSS Construction Group

Ben Sens: Randy I want to talk to you about a couple things

What things have you seen agents have an issue get to the closing table the most, is it mortgage? Is it rate lock? Is it open permits? Like, what are your past couple cluster messes so we can help agents get to the closing table.

Randy Gilbert: Candidly, it all comes from the agents. Everything, I always say starts with the foundation, that’s a good contract. You know, it’s always important that the agent actually reviews the contract that they’re submitting, make sure that it’s all completely filled out that there dates don’t conflict.

That the off-run, the very first page doesn’t expire before everybody actually signs the contract in which case there is no contract because it had the offer has to mirror the acceptance, typically addendums aren’t properly filled-out. Riders may not be filled out, check the the deed instead of the Property Appraiser’s website to make sure that you got all of the sellers but sometimes the property appraiser messes it up. So, just do your diligence but notwithstanding I can tell you we would do all that review ourselves as well. So if you don’t catch it, we will.

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