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Interview with Rhonda Romeo Amir from Re/max Allstars | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group Podcast
BOSS Construction Group Podcast
Interview with Rhonda Romeo Amir from Re/max Allstars | BOSS Construction Group

Ronda Romeo Amir is a full time Realtor® licensed for over 10 years. Currently licensed in two states – Florida and Massachusetts.

We talk about hiring contractors and the times involved with cleaning up their messes.

Ben: We talked about hiring contractors, because lots of times I get involved involved in cleaning up their messes. So if they don’t do the work to plans or they don’t or they don’t finish the work so I think that’s what happened with the fence thing, right? So the contractor put the fence too long, they didn’t call for final inspection and we close that right?

Rhonda: Yup and that was going back to what 2014?

Ben: 14, yeah

Rhonda: that’s 5 years has been hanging over the head of the association, figuratively speaking and just being a thorn in our side because anytime we wanted to do anything else. You’re always getting flagged for that contractor. And no matter who tried to pursue finding the contractor, gone gone, gone. And then what are you doing? I was unbelievably excited to meet have you at the women’s council meeting. It was like…

Ben Sens: It was a good connection

Rhonda: It was amazing, I still have goosebumps

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