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Red Tag | BOSS Construction Group

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Red Tag | BOSS Construction Group

Audience Member: So I have a client about to enter our due diligence for a lease. Supposedly the tenants that were there before, were doing a built out. And the city came in and red tagged them for a lot of things to do. They have to wait go back, they ran out of money. They left all that stuff there. my client is coming in

Ben: So your client is the new tenant?

Audience Member: The new tenant, or about to be. What I wanting to do, see whatever is open, see what it would cost for the city to come out

Where would I make sure that I’m maximizing that due diligence so they’re not paying a lot of money on the back end because of what happened with the prior person that did

Ben: a lot of tenants as we find they’re doing improvements with or without the landlord’s permission or property owner. But if you want to, with something like that

The best thing to find out is what the red tag was for, where the city left off with that process what they found them in violation for, and you know, we don’t want obviously the new tenant to have the fall to the expenses of of the old one and that’s all. You know. I’m working with the landlord and being proactive.

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