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Who Gives Out the Fee? The Agent? | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group
Who Gives Out the Fee? The Agent? | BOSS Construction Group

Ah No, so the seller typically gives the inspection fee and pays for these services because usually they’re held on the hook and they’re responsible. Buyers have actually buyers on Commercial and Residential Properties have actually retain me for my services as well. But usually it’s the seller and the sellers in a hardship situation. No one wants to dump money into the property they’re selling or to fix something that they already paid for. In Palm Beach County in the building department. This is really crazy. The county allows real estate agents under their license if the work is under $1,500 to close out the permit which I would never do what I think is ridiculous, but keep in mind somehow whether it’s Redfin, Trulia, or Zillow, the city knows the properties on the market. They’ve driven by the property. They will not let residents and owners close these permits out themselves. They will not let them do an owner-builder, usually, they will not let them close them out themselves.

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