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Waterview Project – Sound Proofing | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group
Waterview Project - Sound Proofing | BOSS Construction Group

I’m over here in Aventura, Florida where I used to live in and grew up Waterview Tower amazing views. There was an insurance claim that was done in 2005 and the kitchen was renovated and the flooring was renovated however the contractor never called for an inspection and closed out the permit. There’s a wood flooring here with soundproofing underneath. We have extra flooring, to restore this piece of floor but I had to lift up the flooring here and as you can see here, there’s a membrane under the flooring. That’s the sound proofing. The building code says that above the first floor everything in a condo, every type of flooring, has to have sound proofing that meets or exceeds the building code for the decibel. when you stand on it. This is a piece of the sound proofing.

So the person who actually did this work they did the work according to plans. Now we just have to get it permitted with the city the permits closed, realtors have closed on the unit

So we can have this amazing unit here with this amazing view of Golden Beach.

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