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Interview with Scott Marcus from Association Title Services | BOSS Construction Group

BOSS Construction Group
BOSS Construction Group
Interview with Scott Marcus from Association Title Services | BOSS Construction Group

Ben Sens interview with Scott Marcus from Association Title Services about the process in title work, open permits, and lien searches.

Ben: I’m over here with Scott, with the association title services and we’re just having a little conversation about how agents can be proactive in things that are… not only things that I do with, you know clearing up things on the lean search, this guy gets the lean search, what can agent do when they 1st take the listing or something like that.

Scott: So you bring up a good point because when an agent 1st takes a listing and it takes several months for them to even get an interested buyer, that several month period of time they could have known whether there was a deficiency with that property, they could have already ordered a title search, a lien search to determine whether there’s open permits and use that time wisely to hire somebody like yourself if there are open permit, to close open permits.

Ben: And I do this all the time, so again there are some permit processing companies, I do the permit processing along with the qualification, I’m not calling the city or the county in Miami Dade or Broward Palm Beach, out there without I they don’t want to pull the lien search until after the inspection period.

Scott: I do it from day 1.

Ben: Really, so one you guys get a contract?

Scott: Yes we order title, we ordered lien, we order everything, it is exactly what you said, it’s important to know and not be surprised with something. After the inspection period that buyers lost their rights potentially to have that permit clear unless there are certain language in that contract. So you know it’s very important to order things timely, we never wait because the contract is a bunch of roles and obligations and they have there timeframes.

Ben: And then a lot of the agents tell me they get the liens from the title company, they don’t know what to do with it, they give it to the seller, the seller tries to contact the previous contractor and even if they are in business, they can’t find the right, so every day kind of counts and that’s who we’re here talking about, I’m over here with Scott with Association title services and thank you so much.

Scott: Thank you.

Ben: It’s great being in our rep today, thank you.

This is Ben from Boss Construction Group, 954648983, we’re your local per meeting in code compliance specialist. We’re not just your permit processors, we’re general contractors, I have municipal experience as a city inspector and code officer. So you guys can call me with anything you need, this is a great title company and Scott is a great resource, I’m a great resource if you have to close open permits, it’s all about helping our sellers get to where they need what their properties. Thank you guys are.

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