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Conversations with Rosa Canao from NAHREP Ft. Lauderdale | BOSS Construction Group

Ben Sens has conversations with Rosa Canao from NAHREP Ft. Lauderdale about code violations and permitting.



Ben: How challenging is the permitting process in general?

Rosa: In general like that is a big key and to have somebody like you to help during the process, because what happens is a lot of they these cities like for example Weston, they don’t have somebody inside that really goes and expedite the process. With you, that you can go on and help during the process. Like that is awesome, like that is super important.

Ben: You know but you focus on making your buyers comfortable and bringing people to your beautiful site and permitting agents, I find that they end up trying to deal with the city and they struggle.

Rosa: Yeah, Ben the thing is we don’t know, even I’ve been working for ….construction for many years and you don’t know what you are going to get until you get in the team.

Ben: And one thing that triggers another.

Rosa: you never know what’s going to happen until you get to the city and to have somebody that already know the city, the process …

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