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Gilly Testimonial

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Gilly Testimonial

Ben Sens: I’m here with Gilly Hassan and we’re in Downtown Hollywood.

Gilly: City came in, basically wanted to get a brand new CO basically change of use, and this is where Ben comes in and takes care of all the issues, go to the city, mediate with the city officials.

Ben Sens: This is a commercial property and when attendant changes, it actually triggers a change of use with the city. Make sure that compliance gets brought with the city in the most minimal way possible, so we can run this thing as a successful good business.

Gilly: Make sure that all the permits are being taken care of, takes care of the issue of rezoning completely all the way to the end and see through and make sure that everything is done correctly.

Ben Sens: We’re bringing work that is existing and may have been done by previous property owners into compliance.


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